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Michael Vaughan slams England head coach Chris Silverwood for not trying to stop Joe Root from his bouncer barrage. England lost the plot in attempting to bounce out Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami. The visitors eventually thrashed England by 151 runs in the 2nd Test.

LONDON: Former captain Michael Vaughan has criticized England head coach Chris Silverwood for not even trying to dissuade Joe Root from a play-off tactic against India in the second test, which was counterproductive. severe effects, leading to the worst 20 minutes before lunch.

Mohammed Shami and Jasosystem Bumrah wrote a stunning turnaround on the final day as they shared a partnership of a record ninth in 89 races to help India aim for 272-laps, which England was unattainable after being disqualified Vaughan wrote in a Facebook post. Bumrah, who threw a lot of bounces in the tails of England -, especially James Anderson, found himself at the front desk as he battled point guard Mark Wood and table tennis goalkeeper Jos Buttler exchanged words with the Indian designer.

However, it exploded when Bumrah and Shami saved India from 209-8 to 298-8 stated. The visitors eventually beat England with 151 points on the second test. Many people have written and talked about how England lost trying to beat Jasearch Bumrah, and Joe Root was undeniably frustrated with some of his senior players who should have intervened with him earlier, but I would also like to see something from the coach,

Vaughan wrote. Why didnt Silverwood send someone out on the field with a glass of wine, ask Root what was going on and get him to change tactics, I know thats what Duncan Fletcher would do to me if I lost my memory-] field. Vaughan said England completely missed their chance in this match.

Each test match essentially just brings together a handful of moments that determine the outcome: The best teams face them and find a way to win.

It was a pivotal moment in the second test and England missed it, and Silverwood must be held responsible. England are currently following five-0-1 series and Vaughan has said Silverwood will change the dynamics of this series.

He (Chris Silverwood) has to prove that he has the power to change the dynamics of the Englands in this series, because it only goes one way at the moment and it is in the direction of Virat Kohli, whose host of series. want to be.is angry under the collar, doesnt think correctly, and makes stupid mistakes, writes Vaughan. The third test will start at Headingley on Wednesday.