In Andhra Pradesh, NTPC has started India's largest floating solar pr…

Andhra Pradesh can now boast of Indias largest floating solar power plant. State-run NTPC commissioned a 25 MW project on the reservoir at its Simhadri coal-fired power station in Visakhapatnam

New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh can now boast of having the largest floating solar power plant in India. Previously, the-state, managed by NTPC, commissioned a 25 MW power plant at the reservoir of its Simhadri coal power plant in Visakhapatnam.

Floating solar power projects are seen as a game changer in India looking to build 450 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity because they have inherent advantages over onshore projects, which require large contiguous areas of non-arable landForest. Due to the cooling effect of floating on the surface of the water, floating solar energy reduces temperature-related losses, reduces the rate of evaporation from water bodies, and reduces maintenance costs. NTPCs floating solar installation covers the surface of the 75-acre Simhadri Reservoir.

It will generate electricity from more than 100,000 photovoltaic solar modules to provide lighting for 7,000 homes. The project can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 46,000 tons per year and save 1,364 billion liters of water, which is enough to meet the annual water demand of 6,700 households.

The project was presented by Sanjay Madan, the Regional Ministry of Education (West and South) under the testimony of Mohit Bhargava from the Ministry of Education of the renewable energy division of RE NTPC company and Diwakar Kaushik, Managing Director of Simhadri.

The floating solar power plants are part of the coal giants plan to add 60 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2032. This is also the first solar project established under the 2018 Flexibility Plan of the Ministry of Electric Power, which allows Generators supply power from any source according to the efficiency of the plant to reduce Discoms costs.

NTPC is also building a 100 MW floating solar power plant on the reservoir of its Ramagundam thermal power plant in Tamil Nadu. Odisha State Green Energy Development Company cooperated with NHPC to explore, plan and develop commercially viable floating solar energy projects on several state reservoirs in stages, with a total capacity of 500 MW.