Biden has been hammered by the Kabul debacle, which has fueled a righ…

President Joe Biden is battling a serious loss of personal credibility and political capital after some of his assertions on Afghanistan have been contradicted by his own administration, by the US military, and by ground realities. The President is being panned for returning to his vacation but aides say he remains on top of the situation.

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden is grappling with a serious loss of personal prestige and political capital after some of his claims about Afghanistan were denied by his administration, the US military and reality contradict number. After Fridays White House press conference,

Biden announced that the US mission in Afghanistan was essentially over since Osama bin Laden was killed and Al-Qaida was killed. In a report released in June, the United Nations also said the Taliban and al-Qaida remained closely linked and showed no signs of breaking up. The United Nations report says no significant changes in this relationship,

which deepened as a result of personal ties in marriage and general struggling partnerships, are now being strengthened through second-generation relationships. .

Administration officials then responded to the presidents remarks by saying he meant al-Qaida had been so degraded that he posed a threat to the homeland, but critics Commentators criticized the president for his excessive rhetoric to justify the hasty withdrawal of the United States that his supporters pinned on the commitments of his predecessor Donald Trump.

Biden also suggested that Americans stranded in Afghanistan could reach Kabul airport to be evacuated there without too much difficulty and that the Taliban work together to let them pass, but reports on the ground speak of obstacles on that front with sporadic attacks on Americans trying to reach the airfield. In fact, the U.S. Embassy on Friday asked its citizens to avoid going to the airport due to potential security threats outside the gate, unless you are given instructions.

separate from a representative of the US government. Amid unrest on the Afghan front, the president is ruled as going back to his vacation although aides say he remains in control, saying he will return to the White House and indeed to his home in Friday. Delaware, where he does repairs. to Saturday just an hour by car from the capital.

On Saturday, the president called an online meeting on national security in the presence of Vice President-Kamala Harris, who is also criticized for embarking on a trip to Southeast Asia as part of the crisis in Afghanistan.

A political brawl erupts at home over the refugee issue as well with some right-wing commentators voicing concerns about the influx of Afghan refugees even though many moderate Republicans support the asylum movement for Afghans who have helped the forces. Americans in their mission. Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson is among those who have suggested that the Biden administration open the floodgates for refugees to shift the countrys demographic balance.

The US State Department has approved 34,500 special immigrant visas, or SIVs, for Afghans who have supported the US military for more than two decades, and another 20,000 are pending approval. However, the evacuation process has been slow amid domestic demands that U.S. air travel should be a top priority and calls for Afghans to be carefully vetted. Many Afghans are evacuated to third countries in the Gulf to go through immigration procedures in the United States.

The failed withdrawal tarnished the Bidens reputation as an expert on foreign policy. Right-wing experts are ravaging him, calling him old and fallen, some even going so far as to call for his resignation, removal and replacement by invoking the 25th Amendment."