An 86-year-old Pune man creates Japanese and Indian dolls by hand.

Jayant Sathe, 86, spends most of his waking hours crafting handmade dolls - Japanese and Indian - at his workshop in Maharashtras Pune. At 55, he left a job as a mechanical engineer and started his own workshop and plunged headlong into doing somethi

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], August 21st: 86-year-old Jayant Sathe spends most of his time making handmade in his studio in Pune, Maharashtra-Japanese and Indian-dolls made.

He quit his job as a mechanical engineer, opened his own studio, and started to do something he was obsessed with since childhood-as an artist. Although I want to be an artist, I chose engineering as my career. But at the age of 55, I realized that I had completed my family responsibilities and I could pursue the passion of becoming an artist, Sathe said.

I started with ceramics and ceramic painting. After meeting Japanese dolls made in China-in Mumbai, I got the inspiration to make handmade dolls. Sathe recalled that I learned the art of making Japanese dolls from a doll maker in Mumbai. Started making Japanese dolls in.

This is because Japanese dolls are considered to be the best example of craftsmanship. Over the years, Sathe has made various Japanese dolls in her collection, including dolls of Japanese boys, women, and ninja warriors. This is difficult to do. He said that the Japanese dolls, because the difference between each doll is mainly due to their hairstyles.

The Pune artist-said that he read various books based on Japanese dolls to develop his skills. In addition to Japanese dolls, he also worked hard to make Indian handmade dolls. He created many dolls representing Maratha Mavala, Warkari and other communities in India.