Woman rescued from drowning at Virar’s Arnala beach | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: An unidentified woman was rescued from drowning in Arnala beach in Virar on Sunday, by local fishermen.
The woman, in her 20s, was being carried away by the strong water current due to high tide at around 2.39pm. Local fishermen rushed to rescue her. They managed to pull her out of the water.
Eye-witnessses said that the woman was alone and was seen struggling in the water. Initially she tried to swim against the strong current but was pulled in.
Local fishermen brought her to the shore and rushed her to the primary health centre.
Arnala police said that the identity of the woman has not been ascertained. It is not clear why she was in the water during high tide.
Picnickers from Mumbai and Thane were at the beach when the incident took place. Due to high tide, local fishermen had warned people from venturing into the water.
Police said that they are ascertaining if she had entered the water to commit suicide.
In Video:Local fishermen rescue woman from drowning at Virar’s Arnala beach

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